The more you know: sugaring v. sugar waxing

Katie Nicolle
2 min readOct 14, 2020

A few weeks ago, I took my first steps into the sugar hair removal world. I had previously been a shave only gal and I did not even shave all that consistently. I was particularly interested in sugar hair removal for my bikini line because this past summer has been razor burn hell. I used Smooth Lab at-home sugar waxing kit, and you can read more about my first experience here.

One thing I learned was that there is a small but important difference between sugaring and sugar waxing. While they both use the same sugar, lemon, and water formula, what I did at home with my Smooth Lab kit was sugar waxing, not sugaring. In sugar waxing you spread the sugar paste over your undesirable hair, then you lay a strip over the wax, and finally rip off the strip, paste, and hair together. As far as I can tell it is similar to regular waxing except you use the sugar paste instead of wax.

Sugaring, on the other hand, does not require a strip. Instead, the sugar paste is rolled in a ball between the fingers, spread across the undesirable hair with the fingers, and then “flicked” off. The ball of sugar paste can then be rolled again continue to remove hair several more times. There is a technique to sugaring that I am not ready to try myself. For now, I am going to leaving sugaring to the professionals. While I continue to use sugar paste at home, I will continue to sugar wax with the strips. Luckily, the Smooth Lab kit comes with everything that you need to sugar wax at home: the organic sugar paste, wooden spatulas to spread the sugar paste, and woolen strips.

You might ask: What is the advantage of using sugar paste to remove hair instead of regular wax? It is user error-proof. The sugar paste is water-soluble which means if you get it anywhere you did not intend, you can just clean it off with some warm water. I recently spilled candle wax all over a table and it was a pain to scrape off. I do not want to be scraping unwanted wax off my body! Because the sugar paste is water-soluble, it means you can also easily clean and reuse the woolen strips. You do not have to throw them out after one use.

If you want to try sugar waxing yourself, you can visit the Smooth Lab website or look for them on Amazon.